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Is beauty just in the eye of the beholder or is the beholder of beauty a reflection of their total wellbeing? Beauty fads with quick fixes abound but when we choose what nurtures us physically, emotionally and spiritually we will find that a little self discipline goes a long way in preserving our natural beauty.
What is the secret to beauty and maintaining a youthful
complexion? The answer to this is truly not as complex as one might believe.
There are those who obsess with the desire for 'perfection' and will go to
great lengths chasing it, especially now that we have the nip & tuck beauty
club & botox brigade at our disposal. For those of who are yet to succumb
and I afraid we are becoming fewer and fewer, please read on.
I recently had the opportunity of listening to a
presentation by Geraldine Cox of her plight to save Cambodian orphans from
their war torn past. Many of the children she cares for have suffered severe
disfigurement at the hands of the cruelty of war and as innocent pawn's forced
into slavery for fear of starvation. With someone to love and care for them
they have been transformed into thriving, happy children.
Having had first-hand experience with patients suffering
from life threatening illnesses, I know that instilling faith in the knowledge
that everything is already perfect is crucial to their acceptance of what is
happening. By projecting calm loving thoughts and positive outcomes one can
have a miraculous effect upon any individual. This unwavering faith can
profoundly change one life path from fear of death and loss to bringing about
a miraculous recovery in severely immuno-suppressed patients.
You may be forgiven for wondering what the heck all this
has to do with beauty and maintaining a youthful complexion.?Quite simply, one needs to care for
themselves in the same loving way as you would care for another. And so this
how your Natural Beauty Regime should start.
1. By caring
about yourself as well as those around you. In other words take care in
everything you say and do. If you exploit others for your own greed and
satisfaction or act carelessly with your belongings then how do you think that
reflects on your relationships? What kind of person do you think would find
this behaviour attractive??

Focus on
achieving balance in your day to day affairs and allow peace to enter. When
your body and mind has peace and calm, stress is removed from the equation.
Take time to pamper yourself a little. An holistic massage that relaxes and
activates your own natural healing force can be incredibly calming allowing
lightness and joy to enter. You will then know to what extent you were stressed
in the first place and how, with a little effort and common sense health can
reveal itself.
3. You are what
you eat as well as what you think. If you continue to fill yourself with
processed food then your body will surely suffer. There are very few minerals
and vitamins in foods which are processed so if you are overweight and stressed
from your lifestyle then bring back some discipline by exercising, eating fresh
raw and lightly cooked vegetables and unprocessed nutritional food. Eat animal
protein in small portions relative to your particular need.
4. Keep the
intestins cleansed with plain yoghurt (especially the whey) and?psyllium husk. Even Ancient Egypt`s Cleopatra
exercised her own natural beauty regime. Part of that regime was to espouse to
colonic cleansing through ingesting senna leaves, a mild herbal laxative. All
of these suggestions will help keep your skin clear and create healthy,
internal bacteria for absorbing minerals and vitamins but is a waste of time if
you continue to add your daily addiction of processed coke and chips. In
general we live in a society that is overfed and undernourished. So vitamins,
minerals and essential fatty acids are necessary for health and vitality. In
fact, the break-down of collagen, caused by deficiency of vitamin C, is the
main cause of deterioration in the processes and condition of the skin,
consequently leading to premature aging. That means smoking is a no-no!
Moderate exercise is naturally required to keep the body fit by improving
circulation and tone.
It is important to understand what your body needs
nutritionally as we all have differing requirements. Listening to what your body
needs is often heightened during pregnancy and can often be seen in children
who naturally enjoy healthy foods when not influenced and tempted by the all
too frequent addition of sweets and processed convenience foods.? Finally, the
body抯 largest organ, the skin, needs to be cared for. Use quality aromatherapy
skin care products that do not contain chemical and mineral fillers.
Organically derived essential oils, essential cold-pressed carrier oils and
vegetable based ingredients are far more efficacious and they do not
artificially plump up the skin as do some chemical formulations. Once you stop
using chemicals for a time in your beauty routine and your household you'll
wonder how you ever tolerated their distinguishable artificial scent.tart by finding out what skin type you are eg. sensitive,
normal, acneioily, dry or mature. Smooth onto your face aromatherapy
cleansing lotion or facial cleansing scrub.?
Give yourself a facial sauna to help remove any built-up impurities in
the skin pores. Add a drop of Roman Chamomile or Rose essential oil to a bowl
of steaming hot water and inhale deeply to increase the relaxation physically
and mentally thus enhancing the enjoyment of time-out!?Following your facial sauna apply an
aromatherapy toner suitable to your skin type by gently wiping it on with a
cotton pad and then rinse your face with cold water to stimulate the
circulation. A French Clay mask is also an effective way of toning the skin and
contains natural minerals. Next, massage the face and neck with a facial
treatment oil containing essential oils and cold pressed carrier oils
specifically blended for your skin type. You can gently pat off any excess oil
with a tissue and seal with a beautiful aromatherapy moisturiser.s you care for yourself you are creating a discipline for
life. Voila! Balance and beauty!
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